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Tips for Caring for an Older Home

There is nothing quite like owning an older home. Part of my job is looking at older homes we have had insured for years, and I love seeing what people have done to the landscaping, roof, new porches and decks, etc. Some folks like to modernize everything, while others try to restore the home to its previous glory.

While making your older home a showpiece is fun and significant, it can be more important to protect the integrity of the home and make it safe. After all, you certainly want your home to be there in the future.

Here are five tips to keep your older home in tiptop condition and to keep your family safe in it.

You should also keep bushes and trees trimmed and off of the siding, roof and gutters, keep grills, smokers and flammables a safe distance from the home, and clean up debris from around the house and out from under decks and porches.

We hope you enjoy your older home as much as we do, and for more tips and information or to get a homeowners insurance quote, contact us online or call us at 304-842-7311.